The Flash: A City Full of Clues

From DC Comics

Two weeks ago, The CW released an intriguing new promotional poster for The Flash, their speed-driven new series based on the popular DC Comics character. As you can see, the poster shows Grant Gustin as the Flash, speeding across a Central City street as his trail forms his signature lightning bolt. It’s a cool image that’s perfectly in character with the Fastest Man Alive, but what’s really gotten fans buzzing are all of the hidden clues and “Easter Eggs” found within the city. There are plenty of them, some easier to spot than others. How many have you found? And do you know what they all mean?

If you don’t, never fear. We’re here to fill you in, providing a little context and speculation. We’ll also be providing you with a DC Comics graphic novel that ties in with each clue, in case you’d like to learn more. So let’s start at the top, or near it at any rate, with a name and logo that fans of Arrow will instantly recognize…

Queen Consolidated is a fictional business company in the DC Comics universe and on Arrow. It was founded by the family of Oliver Queen, better known as Green Arrow (in the comics) or The Arrow (on the show). In Season 3 of Arrow, Oliver will fight to regain control of his family’s business.

It’s not hard to figure out why the Queen Consolidated logo can be seen in the poster. The Flash is set in the same universe and will cross over with Arrow in upcoming episodes. To get the goods on Queen Consolidated, we suggest getting caught up on Arrow by grabbing the Season 2 Blu-Ray set when it hits stands in a week and reading the tie-in comic published by DC Comics and written by the show’s creators. Start with ARROW VOL. 1.

Gorilla Grodd is a super-villain appearing in DC Comics, primarily as an enemy of the Flash. He debuted in Flash #106 back in April 1959. Keep your eye out for an Easter Egg in the pilot episode of The Flash in the form of a broken cage with a dangling “Grodd” nameplate.

If you’re new to DC Comics, it would be pretty easy to brush Grodd off as a silly villain. But if you’ve read any of his comics, you know that’s not the case. Between his genius-level intelligence, his strength and his telepathic and telekinetic powers, he’s one of the most formidable threats in the entire DC Universe. We suggest grabbing one of his recent storylines, THE FLASH VOL. 3: GORILLA WARFARE, for a glimpse of what he can do. As for why he’s on this poster…well, like we said, he is referred to in the pilot. It’s a fair guess that he may show up eventually in one form or another. Of course, whether he’ll be leading an entire city of sentient gorillas remains to be seen…

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