Batman #495 - June 1993 Issue - DC Comics

Batman #495 - June 1993 Issue - DC Comics

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Written by Doug Moench. Pencils by Jim Aparo. Inks by Bob Wiacek. Cover by Kelley Jones.

Batman allows Firefly to escape in order to save both their lives, wrapping his Batrope around the villain's leg, and letting Firefly's glider pull him out of the fire. Firefly realizes that he's towing his enemy, and cuts the wire, sending Batman hurtling toward the ground. Batman survives by gripping onto a fire escape as he falls.

At the same time, Jean-Paul Valley decides to go out on the streets in costume, hoping to have a trial-by-fire after training for weeks since he was humiliated by his encounter with Killer Croc. He doesn't tell Batman or Robin.

Back at Wayne Manor, Alfred reminds Bruce Wayne that he ought to attend a Wayne Foundation dinner, lest people realize that he is Batman. Bruce agrees, knowing that the dinner will likely be a target for mayhem, and he will need to be there in one mask or another.

That night, Poison Ivy prepares her plan to disrupt the dinner while Bane and his men stakeout the dinner's location, hoping to see what happens with Ivy's plan. Meanwhile, Joker and Scarecrow force Mayor Krol to send the Gotham City Police Department on a wild goose-chase.

At the dinner, Bruce realizes that the police guards are nowhere to be found, and grows suspicious. Bane, watching from above, realizes that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same, after witnessing him in public. Suddenly, Bruce senses that some kind of plant toxin is being pumped into the room, and he struggles to get a nose-filter in to protect himself.

Poison Ivy appears, and instructs all the men in the room to leave for Neo Eden. Bruce pretends to be in her thrall, in order not to give himself away, and files into the back of a truck. Bane instructs his man Bird to follow it.

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