Artists David Lopez and David Navarrot exclusively explore Laura Kinney's new role in the Marvel Universe!

From Marvel Comics

Laura Kinney, the hero formerly known as X-23, goes solo in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE, but her art team works in tandem to kick butt and take names.

David Lopez and David Navarrot’s designs for the book reveal a major affection for the character and her world, as well as a deep thought process for their work. David Lopez, what's the typical way of approaching an issue like for you?

David Lopez: I work on a four week schedule basis. First week—maybe week and a half—I read the script and try to understand what the story is and how can I relate it to the reader. It’s all about the concept. Then I doodle little thumbnails on the printed script itself, just doodles that only I understand. After that I move to the computer, and I do a rough sketch of all the pages and place the balloons; leaving room for the balloons is vital. Read the story again, change some stuff; and then I do final layouts in rough pencils and place the masses of black and the basic grey work. That’s the tough part.


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