Yes, I'd like to order the new Emma Peel tape, please. And do you have one where she kicks really high?

From Slash Film

Shane Black has worked with one kind of Avenger in Iron Man 3, but he may be setting his sights on a different Avengers team. The Nice Guys director, who is currently knee-deep in post-production on The Predator, has reportedly co-written a script for a TV reboot of the British 1960s spy series The Avengers. And to be fair, they had the name first.

In a career retrospective with The Dark Side Magazine (via ScreenRant), Black’s frequent writing partner Fred Dekker revealed that he and Black are working on a script for a TV reboot of the beloved 1960s spy series The Avengers for Warner Bros. Dekker said:

“It’s The Avengers, with John Steed and Emma Peel. We’re setting it in Britain in the 60’s, and our approach is The Ipcress File meets Doctor Who. At this moment, it’s my favorite thing we’re working on.”

The Avengers, which premiered in 1961, was part of the first wave of the 1960s spy TV series craze. The phenomenon was kicked off by the intense popularity of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels and the films that followed it, which created a slew of imitators on both TV and film, including beloved series like Mission: Impossible, Get Smart, and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Hell, even the Adam West Batman series took some cues from the espionage wave of the ’60s.