Monday, November 24, 2008

Life Magazine Discovers Rare Publicity Photos From Creature From The Black Lagoon

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Undead Backbrain / Life Magazine / Avery Guerra

New! - Life Magazine Discovers Rare Publicity Photos From Creature From The Black Lagoon - Update!

The folks over at Life Magazine recently dug up a set of publicity photos from the movie "Creature from the Black Lagoon" shot by photographer Edward Clark. Odds are these were shots taken for a feature article that never got published.

It has been reported that these shots were taken on the set during filming, but that is not the case.

One thing that indicates that these are publicity photos is revealed by the "Creature" costume itself. What we see here is a green costume with the infamous "red" lips. That is a tell-tale indication that these are publicity images. The costume that was used for filming was a grey-green color all over, including the lips.

Secondly the area in which the photos were taken looks very much like Southern California, not Florida, where many of the outdoor scenes for the movie were filmed.

Though actress Julie Adams can be clearly seen in the photos it is unknown if it is Ben Chapman, Ricou Browning (unlikely if these were shot in California) or another actor in the monster suite.

Regardless of where or when they were taken, who is in them or for what purpose they were taken, these are some really cool images!

Check out some of the photos below:


  1. Creature From The Black Lagoon was always my favorite of the Universal monster movies. Thanks for posting the pics!

  2. What makes you think that's not Julie Adams? It surely is.

    The exteriors for CREATURE were shot on the back lot of Universal, not in Florida. Only the underwater shots were filmed in Silver Springs. And this is, indeed, the back lot of Universal. Those mountains are still there, guarding the Barham Blvd. pass between Universal and Warners.

    And the wacky red wax-lips effect is not apparent in b/w photos. I've no reason to think this isn't exactly the color they saw on set.