Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mill Creek Entertainment To Release The Complete Ultraman Series On DVD

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: TV Shows On DVD

If you were one of the many Japanese sci fi fans who missed out on buying the complete series of "Ultraman" on DVD, then I have good news for you. Mill Creek Entertainment has picked up the rights to the series and is going to re-release it on DVD September 29th.

Many of you may remember that the "Ultraman" series was originally released by BCI Eclipse last October. The company only produced the DVD set for about two months before it went under. Due to the very short production run, many fans missed out on getting it.

There is little information on the Mill Creek Release except that the set will contain four DVDs (BCI's release contained six) and will be priced at $14.98. A real bargain for a entire season of a TV series.

Amazon already has the set for pre-order:

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  1. While the short lived 2008 box set release is hard to find, the 2006 Vol 1 and Vol 2 releases are still plentiful. Even on Amazon. The 2008 release was nothing more than Vol 1 and 2 combined into 1 package, anyway.

    And, unless Amazon is showing the wrong pic, the cover for the Sept 2009 release is the exact same as the 2008 BCI release.

    Could it be that Millcreek is simply reissueing the box set that BCI put out in 2008?