Thursday, November 6, 2008

DEX Wins The Thai Rights To Ultraman Max And Ultraman Mebius

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: DEX Press Release

According to sources in Thailand, Dream Express (DEX) has won the rights to the Japanese superhero, Ultraman, in that country after Media Network Retail (MNR) pulled out of a deal with Tsuburaya Productions.

DEX, who already owns the rights to the "Masked Rider" TV series and merchandising in Thailand, will begin to telecast 40 episodes of Ultraman Max this year on cable and satellite TV and 50 episodes of Ultraman Mebius in 2009.

The company will also market Ultraman Max on home video and line of related merchandise, including apparel, shoes, bedsheets and snacks begining later this month.

Next year, DEX plans to organise an Ultraman Festival, together with live Ultraman appearances at schools and department stores.

Here is a copy of the DEX press release, which has been translated into English:

We, Dex are appointed to do the all rights of Ultraman Max and Ultraman Mebius merchandising license in Thailand. We will telecast Ultraman Max in Cable, Satellite and Free TV. Strategically starting within 2008 as well as releasing DVD&VCD as the other media to promote the TV. Series properly. Ultraman Max Stage Show will be imported from Japan to entertain Thai fans during school vacation and special holiday occasion in 2009. Meet &Greet costumes will intimate the kids leading to be good personality as Ultraman Max’s hero characteristic.

Our team are very familiar with Japanese animation and Live Actions merchandising &licensing business. So, We are confident that we will make the craze of Ultraman Max through several high quality merchandising products which we have strong partnership among licensee such as apparel,shoes,bed sheet,snack and so forth.

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