Cloverfield - Exclusive Sneak Preview


  1. The fine folks over at Paramount were happy to grant Robo Japan this exclusive sneak preview of their upcoming giant monster film "Cloverfield". Included is the first five minutes of the movie! Enjoy!

  2. Okay, this player is no longer an exclusive. In fact it is now part of a contest sponsored by Paramount. If you would like to get this media player for your own website or myspace page please click on "Grab This" and follow the instructions to embed the player on your site.

    The grand prize for the site that gets the most grabs is a special exclusive screening of the Cloverfield movie. Other prizes include camcorders and digital cameras. Looks like they are throwing in some prize packs also.

    Join this contest today! The contest ends 12/31/07 so get a move on!

  3. It kinda reminds me of some of the videos taken on 9/11

  4. What a friggin cool clip! Looks like a Godzilla movie mixed with an episode of Cops.

    Unless my eyes deceive me, I think I saw the monster for one second. I couldn't really make it out.

    Anybody have a pic of the critter?

  5. No, Zillaboy, you are not suffering from some post-Christmas trauma. The monster can be seen for a brief second moving between two buildings. I have already posted an article on this. See I think that will answer your of the critter there!

    As I understand it, we will see the monster clearly in the movie. So don't worry that scenes like this are all we're going to get.


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