G-FAN #84

G-FAN #84
Summer 2008 Issue Summary

by Armand Vaquer

G-FAN #84 is hitting mailboxes and newsstand shelves around the world. Here is a summary of some of the treats the issue contains:

News: Several items are noteworthy in the world of kaiju, including the passing of Akemi Negishi, the young mother from "King Kong vs. Godzilla."

G-Mail: Several pages of readers' comments are presented.

Roland Emmerich is put under Brett Homenick's interview microscope as Emmerich remembers his work on the TriStar "Godzilla" (1998).

Brett also interviews actor and voice-actor James Hong, superhero anime singer Ichiro Mizuki, actor Rhodes Reason (part two from G-FEST XIV), director and screenwriter Ib Melchior and gaijin actor Andy Smith.

A photo collection of director Jorg Buttgereit's visit to Japan while working on his latest monster documentary, "Monsterland." Buttgereit will continue filming this documentary at G-FEST XV this summer.

Friends & Foes of Godzilla continues with new artists.

Hugh Hefner's nightmare? Mike Bogue takes a retro review of hare-raising 1972 feature, "Night of the Lepus."

Kenju Shimomura presents a profile on special effects wizard, Shinji Higuchi.

Allen A. Debus tackles the changing nature of kaiju in prehistoric monster stories in "Prehistorical Daikaiju Evolution."

Rex Summeral returns in Part 2 of "Troubles With the Yurei of Kaiju" by Skip Peel.

Mike Bogue and Todd Tennant present Part 2 of "Tales of King Komodo."

Steve Agin reports on the latest monster toys (perhaps some can be found at G-FEST XV's Dealers Room) in "All Monster Toys Attack!"

A report by Armand Vaquer on Atomic Comics' "Godzillafest" held in April in Phoenix, Arizona titled, "Godzilla In The Desert."

All the above can be found and more. That's it until the Fall, 2008 issue (#85).

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