Requested Video Post: Robot Taekwon V Causes Havoc At The Gas Station

Earlier this week I found a very humorous Korean TV commercial that featured Robot Taekwon V attempting to squeeze through a toll booth. After posting that video I was contacted by reader, Dai Raion, who mentioned that there was an even funnier commercial featuring the giant robot at a gas station. I took some time to look for the clip with no avail, until this morning I was contacted by Dai Raion again with the location of the video.

This time around a gas station patron begins filming a couple of hotties who are on location as part of a promotion. One of the models gets really angry at the man who was filming the pair and begins a verbal and physical argument with him. Suddenly Robot Taekwon V shows up and begins searching the gas station for something. An attendant tries to give the huge robot a fill-up, but that isn't what it wants. In a surprise move the mech uses its robot-punch to steal a small electronic device, which looks like a radar detector, from the car of the man who was filming the ladies earlier. Well at least that's what I think is going Korean is a bit rusty....okay, I don't know any Korean, so I guessed. It's a funny clip regardless.....enjoy!

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  1. here's rough translation. I want you to take in mind they're speaking hillbilly korean and I tried my best.
    Man1: hey look at this videocam my dad bought me but look it says made in china, ripoff.

    Man1: hey lookie here

    Man2: What What

    Man1: she's a looker and got a pair to boot

    man2: wow their a tease, real tease

    Man1: wait wait their looking

    Girl1: hey what the hell were you taping!
    They start cussing at each other in hillbilly korean know it's in the line of ugly bitch no you're momma type not really sure.. Girl two is trying to get girl 1 to stop

    girl 1: What the hell is that!

    Man 1:hey look at that ...move move

    Man1: Oh God it's Tae Kwon V

    Man2: What the hell is tae kwon v doing here?

    Man1: Is this real he's getting gas

    Man 2: nah really?

    Gas Attendent: Alright, alright. stop. stop. (like directing a car to park) How much?

    Man 1: For Real!

    gas Attendent: What? you need diesel? you need to go over there, you hear me over there

    Man 1: He's looking this way

    Man2: Wha...What is he doing?

    Man1: What the hell? He's taking the high def attenea. You came here just to buy this! hey! Theiving bastard

    (ad for high def attenea)

    Gas attendant: you came back again? come here, come here, stop ..stop. here ya go. What's with this bastard alway gets 100 Won's worth, Done, come back again tommorow

    Note: the kid in the tin can is the tae kwon v pilot's kid brother who's the comic relief like stradel in speed racer. 100 won is like a quater in korean currency.


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