G-FAN #86 Summary

G-FAN #86 Summary

This quarter, we have a "special guest summary"* of the new G-FAN #86 by Ryan Clark:

Godzilla & Friends III review by Ryan Clark (yours truely).

The Last Samurai interview with Hiroshi Fujioka by Brett Homenick.

Racing for Megalon interview with Yutaka Hayashi by Brett Homenick.

Cult Classic Commander interview with Robert Horton by Brett Homenick.

Godzilla 1998: A Second Look by Mike Bogue.

Lord Zedd Invades ACen by Brett Homenick and How I felt About ACen by Robert Axelrod. (Really enjoyed these artcles, being a Power Rangers fan.)

Monster Music article about French band Gojira.

Kaiju Singalong Time with original and translated lyrics to Miyarabi's Prayer and Get Mechagodzilla!

G-Fan Retro Review: Attack of the Crab Monsters by Mike Bogue.

3D Kaiju Fun concerning Monster Planet of Godzilla.

Centerfold of Gamera vs. Godzilla by John Belloti Jr.

Godzilla Appears In Northern California featuring a suit made by Gabe McIntosh.

Guilala's Godfather interview with Minoru Kawasaki by Jorg Buttgereit.

Tales of King Komodo: Episode 4 comic by Rouge & Tennant (if I read that right).

Kaiju Poetry Corner

A Wonderful Kaiju Weekend G-Fest review by Armand Vaquer and staff writers.

G-Fest 2008 Costume Parade Roundup by Paul Gavins.

My G-Fest XV Experience by Lyle Huckins.

The Show Must Go On! overview of the Biollante incedent at G-Fest by Jonathan Morris.

G-Fest Trivia Quiz 2008 questions and answers. G-Fest XVI registration form.

Godzilla vs. Rikao Yanagata book review by Jason Meininger.

Atami Castle by Armand Vaquer.

I should add, the Far East Monsters ad in the back of the magazine says, concerning their DAM Battlezone figures, "Order by Dec. 31!! After that, these babies are gone!!" I'm not sure if this means King Ghidorah or both that and Godzilla, but their prices are now reduced; I recommend grabbing these great figures while you can.


G-FAN is available at comic and specialty stores or by subscription. See you next quarter. Stay warm!

*Since I haven't received the issue yet to do my usual summary.

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