Bob Nelson Is Planning To Chat About Sacrifice

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Avery Guerra

Bob (Bobzilla) Nelson learned a valuable lesson from the marketing of J.J. Abram's "Cloverfield", sometimes less is more. Meaning that sometimes keeping most of the aspects of your movie a secret is a very good way to get fans interested in your project.

Well, Nelson has been very tight-lipped about his new monster movie called "Sacrifice" and many of us have been sitting back wondering just what the hell is going on over at Brick Cave Media these days?

Things look like they are about to change however.

Tomorrow, (January 27th) Nelson will be holding a live chat as part of a re-launch of the film's website. Fans are invited to ask questions and make comments about "Sacrifice." Maybe the Q&A will reveal more information about film?

Making a debut on the new site will be the short film, "Convention", which is actually a spoof of the making of "Sacrifice" made by the production team. Reportedly it is about all troubles that can arise while you are trying to make an independent film. Sounds interesting.

Fans can check out the new site and participate in the Q&A over at:

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