Looking For A Job? Guilala Can Help

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: August Ragone

Could there be a better spokesman for your product or service than a 200ft tall monster? Of course not. Over the decades Godzilla has been used to peddle everything from Dr. Pepper to antacids. Now, Guilala has landed his own advertising campaign.

There is an ad running on American television that not only features the full-size version of Guilala, but also several little Guilali(?).

The commercial is for the The Ladders, a premium job search website for high-scale employees seeking high-scale pay (in excess of $100K).

In the commercial several of the little Guilali are seen pestering people and performing little acts of random vandalism. That's when the large size version shows up and goes on a rampage.

In all a very amusing commercial.

I just have to wonder just how good The Ladders really are? I mean, if they are catering to such a "high-class" clientele, then you think that they would have been able to afford Godzilla or Gamera?

Not to knock good old Guilala or anything, but you do have to admit that he is a pretty obscure monster for an international ad campaign.

Just goes to show how hard the economic times are for everybody. Companies can't afford the "high-price" monsters anymore.

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