New Deep Sea Monster Raiga Photos And PR Events

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Deep Sea Monster Raiga Website / Avery Guerra

With the world premiere of "Deep Sea Monster Raiga" looming just a little over a week away, director Shinpei Hayashiya and his cast have begun making appearances on several different Japanese media outlets to promote the film.

On May 28th the director and his monster made their first appearance on Japanese television. On the morning talk show, "But the ease with Mashou Takashi Taro" (That's the English translation), Hayashiya hammed it up with the shows hosts and showed clips from the film, including a musical performance by actresses Enosawa Manami, Urata Mao and Oriyama Miyu. Along with his monster the director also brought along some of the miniature monster figures that are featured in the film as well.

On June 11th "Deep Sea Monster Raiga" was screened for the Japanese press. Members from every facet of media were invited to the event. Of course the presentation also featured musical numbers from the films three young starlet's, all wearing monster Raiga t-shirts.

It seems that Hayashiya is as interested in turning Enosawa Manami, Urata Mao and Oriyama Miyu into pop-stars as he is promoting his monster movie.

The film has also been mentioned in several Japanese publications including "Newtype Magazine."

As mentioned before the fim will debut on June 27, 2009 at Ikebukuro’s Shin-Bungeiza theater as part of an all-night film event called “Tokusatsu Kaiju Tengoku” (SFX Monster Heaven). The event will not only feature the premiere of "Raiga" but also Masaaki Tezuka‘s, "Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.", and Keita Amemiya‘s film "Zeiram". After the premiere there is to be a 40 minute presentation by the cast and crew.