New Posters And Photos From John Lechago's Bio Slime

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: John Lechago / Avery Guerra

I have to admit that it will be hard to root for the human characters in John Lechago's new sci fi/horror film "Bio Slime." The group of heroes/victims that the director has assembled for the film are not exactly the people who most viewers will want to see win out in the end. They are drug dealers, porn film makers, and a distraught drunken artist, not exactly societies finest. It is easy to assume most people will be on the side of the monster in this one.

From the synopsis "Bio Slime" kinda sounds like "The Blob" meets "Alien" meets Ishiro Honda's "The H-Man."

Here is a snippet:

The story opens on a starry sky underneath which a drug deal of sorts is taking place. In a remote abandoned industrial area, under the cover of night, a drug dealer and his sexy companion Donna, wait for a stranger. When he arrives, the stranger offers a large bag of drugs in exchange for a mysterious briefcase. As the deal is completed the drug dealer double crosses the stranger and shoots him.

But before he can get back in the car where his girlfriend waits, the dealer is suddenly killed in a grisly manner. Donna panics and drives the car away with the briefcase still in the trunk.

The next morning we are introduced to Troy, an artist and a drunk, waking up in his painting studio. Troy's studio is also his home, one room located in the center of an old building in downtown Los Angeles.....

.....Donna arrives to the building, carrying the mysterious briefcase in hand. She runs to the meth cook, Jack, distraught to report the death of her boyfriend. Jack asks her about the briefcase, but then becomes more concerned with the state of her car, still covered in his friend's remains. He leaves her alone in his room as he goes out to clean up the car. Donna cannot resist temptation and opens the case, releasing a strange mass of slime. It consumes her.

.......Trapped in a room with only one door and no windows. Their cell phones do not work and no one outside of the building can hear their calls for help. The group of seven people is under siege as the shape shifting creature tries to seep inside. They are picked off one by one until it is obvious that they cannot out wait this predator. A plan is hatched to retrieve the case that the creature came in to see if it holds any clue to control it or destroy it.

John Lechago was cool enough to supply us with some poster art and promo images from "Bio Slime":

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