G-FAN No. 88 Summary

G-FAN No. 88 Summary

by Armand Vaquer

G-FAN #88 (Summer 2009) is now out and en route to your favorite mailbox (presumably yours) or your dealer. The issue contains the following:

G-News, including the passing at 57 Evelyne Kraft of “Mighty Peking Man” and Haruo Nakajima’s return to Toho Studios with his “Mangled Skyscraper Award.”

Interviews with Dore Kraus and Derek Partridge by Brett Homenick.

G-FAN Spotlight on Japan’s National Diet Building by Armand Vaquer

“Voyage To the Bottom of The Fly” features an interview with actor David Hedison by Armand Vaquer.

“Yokai and Obakemono: Monsters of Japanese Legend and Lore” by Jeromy Van Paassen looks at the influence of Japanese folklore on kaiju.

“Komodo, Ancestral Kaiju” by Allen Debus looks at how Komodo Dragons inspired giant monsters.

Book Review: “Monstrous: 20 Giant Tales of Giant Creature Terror.” Reviewer: Jarret Keene.

Totorom interviews Ryuji Honda, son of Ishiro Honda in “Tokusatsu Studios Were My Playground.”

Screenwriter Wataru Mimura is interviewed by Brett Homenick.

Gfantis returns in “Heart of the Beast” by Matt Frank and Frank Parr.

“The Drink of Kaiju” focuses on a “shameful plug” for Eiji Tsuburaya’s favorite drink, by Armand Vaquer.

Matt Frank reviews the movie “Monsters vs. Aliens.”

The 2008 Tokyo International Film Festival had screened “The Last Dinosaur” and a Q & A followed with director Tom Kotani. As reported by Yoshikazu Ishii.

Mike Bogue takes a retro review of “Mighty Peking Man.”

Brett Homenick reviews Joerg Buttgereit’s “Monsterland” documentary and Ib Melchior’s new book, “Mechior A La Carte.”

Steve Agin returns with his quarterly report on toys and models in “All Monster Toys Attack!”

That’s is for this issue. G-FAN will return in the fall with issue number 89.


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