Oh No! Godzilla Statue In Tokyo About To Be Replaced With Shin Godzilla

Toho is about to make a big mistake by replacing the famous Heisei era Godzilla statue in Tokyo’s Hibiya Chanter Square with the Big G from that terrible Shin Godzilla film!

From ComicBook.com

Toho's Godzilla is still one of the most popular franchises in Japan, and the monster series definitely stands tall amongst its peers. It stands so tall, in fact, that the newest film, Shin Godzilla, is getting a three meter tall statue in Japan.

Since 1995, a statue of the Heisei era Godzilla design has been standing tall in Tokyo’s Hibiya Chanter Square, but due to Shin's massive popularity, the design is getting updated.

On March 23, the three meter tall (about 9 feet) Shin Godzilla statue will replace the older design and become the new centerpiece of the square, which will be renamed "Godzilla Square." The Heisei Godzilla statue will instead by moved inside of the Toho Cinemas Hibiya building and will be available to see March 29.

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It's probably to late to get some sort of petition going online to stop this, which is a shame.