Are There Trees On Mars? Scientists Say Its An Illusion

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Fox News

Some really weird things have been seen in photos from Mars over the last few years. Everything from logs, to bunnies, to Sasquatch seem to be popping up in photos taken by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

The latest oddity, a new photo just released by NASA seems to show 'trees' growing near the planet's polar region.

NASA scientists are quick to say 'hold on folks', stating that what is actually being seen here is some sort of an optical illusion. The objects that look very much like some sort of plant life are actually actually dark streaks of collapsed material running down sand dunes due to carbon dioxide frost evaporation.

"The Martian 'trees' are actually dark basaltic sand pushed to the surface of sand dunes by sun-heated solid carbon dioxide ice, or dry ice, sublimating directly into vapor", explains Candy Hansen, a member of NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) team at the University of Arizona.

"What we think is happening is that the dark sand is sliding down the bright frosted portion of the dune," Hansen told

They, 'think', but they aren't sure. So these could be 'tress' or 'plants' then.......?

"The streaks in the new image look as if they are rising up from the sand dunes, but that's an illusion, Hansen said. "You're looking at the slip face of the dune, and where the sand comes to a stop, it forms a sort of scallop-shaped edge at the bottom."

Reportedly each of these dark sand streaks can measure up to 164 feet in length.

Streaks on sand dunes? Well, if that's true, then that is one hell of an optical illusion.

Sure looks like the stuff is growing out of the sand, not running down it.

Then again, what do I know? I'm not a NASA scientist.

Unless, of course, they don't want us to know that there is life on Mars, possibly hostile life-forms........preparing for an invasion!

Aw.....that's just silly.........ha ha ha ha......ha......ha.......ulp.

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