Happy Birthday, Christine Nguyen!

Photo courtesy of Christine Nguyen.

Happy Birthday, Christine Nguyen!

by Armand Vaquer

Actress/model Christine Nguyen (The Mummy's Kiss: Second Dynasty) celebrates her birthday tomorrow.

By coincidence, I also will be celebrating my birthday, although I've a few years on Christine.

When she found out that my birthday falls on the same day as hers, she said, "OMGoodness! You're birthday is on February 4th, too?!?! So cool! You are the first person I have ever known with my birthday! We must remember to toast each other that day!"

I'm entirely not sure, but I think a relative of mine also has her birthday on February 4.

Christine is currently in a contest called The 1 Contest. She has received many votes since Ted Newsom (who did the poster above), Don Glut and I started campaigning for her, but she needs more to have a chance to win. So...to help make Christine's birthday a good one, go to the link below and vote for Christine.

To vote, go here: http://www.the1contest.com/. Voting ends March 15.

Happy Birthday, Christine! (From one Aquarius to another!)

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