Monster Island News Is Certified "Geek"!

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Hey, check this out! Monster Island News has just received it's first accolade, it's just been named 'Certifiably Geek' by the Certifiably Geek Blog.

I'm truly touched...and very, very honoured.

I certainly am a huge 'geek', and I certainly try to post stuff that other geeks will enjoy.

I can't accept this honor without mentioning all the other, 'little people' who help make Monster Island News so socially awkward:

Armand Vaquer
Rachel Grubb
Avery Guerra

There are more people I should thank...but with all this excitement....I can't remember any of them...

Oh, and before I forget, MIN was nominated for this special honour by The Acrobatic Flea in the UK, who runs a really randy blog called, "Hero Press".

If you are into comic books, role playing games, Doctor Who and other UK related sci fi, or just pop culture in general, The Flea is all over it.

Now as a new recipient of this honor, I have to nominate two other sites for the award.

I hereby nominate:

The Good, the Bad, and Godzilla 続・夕陽の呉爾羅

August Ragone's blog is every Japanese monster fans dream come true. Honestly, now one knows as much about the world of Japanese cinema as August does.

August has written what may be the best book ever about the life of legendary special effects artist, Eiji Tsuburaya, called, EIJI TSUBURAYA:MASTER OF MONSTERS

It's a real gem

Undead Brainspasm

If you think the crap I write about is off really need to check out Robert Hood's blog, "Undead Brainspasm."

Robert is the top name when it comes to 'alternative' cinema. If there's an indie horror or monster film being made, Robert knows all about it.

Congratulations, you've just been nominated!

You like really like me!

God Bless You All!

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  1. Congratulations on your award, and thanks for furthering the "Certified Geek" award by giving it to two other sites! I've added both of them to


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