Addendum To "Godzilla 1985"

Above, the Yurakucho Mullion Buildings.

Addendum To "Godzilla 1985"

by Armand Vaquer

As an addendum to yesterday's blog about Godzilla 1985 (or Return of Godzilla), it should be mentioned that the main action between the Japanese military forces (with its Super X fighting machine) and Godzilla takes place in the Shinjuku section of Tokyo.

The buildings shown appear to be generic and not easily recognizable. However, Godzilla does take another stroll through Ginza and Hibiya (his first was in 1954).

One main building to note was the Yurakucho Mullion building. There is a scene in the Japanese version of Godzilla approaching the building and his reflection is visible on the side of the building. Unfortunately, this scene was not included in the Americanized version. Both versions do show Godzilla clawing at the side of the building as he loses his balance when his foot collapses the street below him.

The site where the Yurakucho Mullion, building stands was where the Nichigeki Theater once stood. It was featured in the 1954 original when Godzilla steps on some electified train tracks, causing his tail to whip about and hit the theater.

The Yurakucho Building was also featured in another Godzilla movie. This is covered in The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan.

Godzilla eventually meets his "doom" in the crater of Mt. Mihara, on Oshima Island. Today, there is a stone Godzilla statue at the Hamano Hot Springs resort on Oshima Island. Oshima can be seen on clear days from Atami (photo above).

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