Chihuanhas - They're Not Just Ankle Biters Anymore

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Jim Clark / Avery Guerra

What do you get, when you breed a Chihuahua with a man-eating Piranha?

Anyone? Anyone?

Answer: A school of ultra pissed-off man-eating little mutts....who can swim.......who want more meat than Taco Bell can supply them.

In other words, Chihuahuas, the mutated creation of Oregon based film maker Jim Clark and his HIVE-FX production company.

Through word-of-mouth, and Internet postings, Clark has been able to generate a great deal of interest in his horror/comedy, which you would figure, would enable him to get a studio to back the film. Alas, no, that is not the case. For the past month, the film maker has been pounding the Hollywood pavement armed with production sketches and a slew of fan support. Unfortunately, everyone has shallow pockets these days, and lets face it, Clark's film isn't based on a comic book or toy line, so he was shown the door.

Not wanting to abandon the project, Clark has now decided to make "Chinuahuas" himself, but he is going to need your help.

Clark as started a fund-raising campaign at KickStarter to help make "Chinuahuas" a reality.

Any amount that people can donate will help, and is appreciated.

Let me show you what you will be putting your money towards:


When a curio-collecting Professor returns from South America with a mysterious Piranha idol, it casts an ominous curse on his innocent Chihuahua “Lulu Bell”, and impregnates her with a litter of amphibious, mutant Chihuahua-Piranhas. Horrified, the Professor disposes of the idol and pups in a nearby mountain lake, but Lulu’s monstrous spawn soon return to repay the gesture...

Following the Professor’s demise, the ravenous critters seek out a pair of fatty-campers, their obsessive guide, a reclusive WWII veteran and a trio of vacationing porn stars. Led by the lake's ranger and her inept assistant, the eccentric team unites to survive and destroy the vicious rat-pack with available fire power, their bare hands and the most lethal of all processed cheese products!

Killer stars....huh...huh? Okay, maybe you need a little more to go on? Check out these production sketches:

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