New Toy Tuesday! Classic Star Trek vs Classic Doctor Who, A Slave Girl & The Creature!

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Star Trek Brown Tribble Replica Plush with Sound

From the original series! Featuring original sound effects! Astounding price! The Star Trek Brown Tribble Replica Plush with Sound can be yours at the greatest price ever. It's all part of our 14th Anniversary Sale, where we have 14 fantastic items for $14 each. What's more, if you order $59 worth of in-stock product, we're going to give you free shipping and a free Darth Vader shot glass! But hurry. These special deals end soon!

Whatever you do, don't feed the tribbles!

It's the ultimate in Klingon detection.
Features sounds and motion from the show.
You need one… or 10… or 100… or 1,000… or... of these!

Whatever you do, don't feed the tribbles! Recreating one of the most memorable and adorable aliens ever to appear on Star Trek, this brown Original Series Tribble Plush features authentic sounds and motion from the unforgettable episode "The Trouble With Tribbles." Trigger the tribble's calm, soothing coos or switch the 6-inch fur ball to agitated mode for the ultimate in Klingon detection. You can't call yourself a real Star Trek fanatic if you don't have one… or 10… or 100… or 1,000… or... of these!

In Stock Now! Order For $14.00

Doctor Who First Doctor An Unearthly Child Action Figure

First Doctor!
It ain't Scrooge!
Original clothing from pilot episode!

This exclusive 1st Doctor from Underground Toyspresents the 1st Doctor William Hartnell in the costume he wore in the pilot episode of the series 'An Unearthly Child' with hat, cape and longer jacket.

School teachers Barbara Wright and Ian Chestertonbecome intrigued by one of their pupils, SusanForeman, and visit her home address - a junkyard at76 Totter's Lane - where they meet hergrandfather, the Doctor. The Doctor and Susan arealiens who travel through time and space in theirship, the Tardis, which looks like an ordinary policebox but actually houses a huge gleaming controlroom. The Tardis takes them all to a Palaeolithiclandscape where they encounter a tribe that haslost the secret of fire.

Coming In May 2010! Preorder Yours Today For Only $21.99!

Doctor Who Seventh Doctor and Electronic TARDIS Boxed Set

How about a little time travel with the Seventh Doctor?
Incredible Doctor Who boxed set includes a TARDIS!
Action figure based on the likeness of actor Sylvester McCoy.
Features opening doors, light and sound effects, and more!

This fabulous Doctor Who Boxed Set features the Seventh Doctor Action Figure and the Electronic Classic TARDIS… just as they appear in the episode "Curse of Fenric." Based on the likeness of actor Sylvester McCoy, the Doctor comes with a brown jacket and umbrella accessory. The TARDIS features an opening left door with telephone cubby hole, a spring activated right-hand door, and takeoff and landing light and sound effects! How about a little time travel with the Seventh Doctor?

Coming In May 2010! Preorder Yours Today For $51.99!

Star Trek Original Series 5 Action Figure Case

Limited edition!
Kirk in casual duty outfit!
Attack of the Romulan!

This case contains 6, individually packaged figures (subject to change): 3x Kirk 2x Romulan 1x Scotty

Just when you thought you had seen the last of the cast, here comes an assortment of classic Star Trek icons! For the first time ever, there will be a limited number of cases! Only 1,000 cases will be produced and the cases are already in production so fans and retailers can order this series with confidence! This series will feature one of the most requested Original Series figures in recent time; one of the oldest, and certainly, the longest-running villains in all of Star Trek history: the Romulan! Just the mention of the "Neutral Zone" conjures up memories of Captain Kirk's greatest moments in command. And speaking of James T. Kirk, what would a wave of Star Trek figures be without a new version of the good captain? Series 5 features the debut of Kirk in his green casual duty outfit. And if you're going to have Kirk and a Romulan in the same series, well, then your going to need Scotty to make sure that the Enterprise makes it out of this encounter unscathed! Each figure in this release is in scale with previous releases and features over 14 points of articulation.

Coming In September 2010! Preorder Yours Today For $94.99!

Beat Amaha Collection Nile Dancing Girl Statue

This item has features and themes that are for adults only. Ages 18 and up. Recommended for mature collectors.

A curse of beautiful curves!
She doesn't dance, but she does strip!
Statue features cast-off clothing and interchangeable arms.
Check out the tattoos on her back and thigh!
Sculpted by Amaha Minatogawa.

Beat's Amaha Collection is a series of 3-D art sculpted by Amaha Minatogawa (a.k.a. Kip), based on his own world vision and the beautiful women who inhabit it. Presented here in a curse of beautiful curves is the adult version of Amaha's Nile Girl Dancing. Kneeling roughly 6 1/2-inches tall, this tantalizing 1:6 scale PVC statue is dressed in solid-black garb that reveals the mysterious tattoos on her back and thigh. Need a better look? Turn the dance into a striptease with this figure's cast-off features, as well as interchangeable arms for optional posing! She comes window boxed and ready for display.

Coming In August 2010! Preorder Yours Today For $109.99!

Broken Blade Eltemus Fine Scale Model Kit

Japanese import!
Build, detail, and admire!
Multiple points of articulation!

The second robot from Broken Blade to joins the Frame Arms line of multi-assemble mechanical unit model kits (after the main hero Delphine) is the Eltemus. With an interior core robot "Cross Frame," this fighting unit has universal attachment points which connect to multiple armor and weapon parts. The basic frame features approximately 30 points of articulation, fully functional even with the added components. The Eltemus is ready to lead the invasion forces with its mighty "Press Gun" equipped with a wicked bayonet and a "Kite shield." Standing almost 7-inches tall, the robot is comprised of approximately 200 parts.

Coming In October 2010! Preorder Yours Today For $39.99!

Universal Monsters Creature from the Black Lagoon Minimates

Packing the terror in smaller form!
Freakishly detailed and articulated!
Classic Universal Monsters!

The best-selling Minimates family goes to the dark side for an annual holiday horror tradition with the inaugural release in Universal Monster Minimates boxed sets! Sure to be an annual Halloween collector tradition, this set features some of your favorite mon-stars and supporting characters- many of being presented for the first time ever as 3D collectibles! The box will include a beautiful heroine figurine exclusive to the set, along with the title monster. This set will include: The Creature in both classic colors and an exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark version of the gill man, along with the heroic Dr. Reed in diving gear, and the exclusive Kay Lawrence in her famous swimsuit. Each Minimate stands 2-inches tall with 14 points of articulation and a variety of removable and interchangeable parts and accessories.

Coming In September 2010! Preorder Yours Today For $15.99!

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