Robot 13 Co-Creators To Bring Exclusives To Phoenix Comicon

Source: Blacklist Studios

This Memorial Day weekend, comic creators Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford (collectively known as Blacklist Studios) return to the site where their greatest creations were born. Appearing at Phoenix Comicon 10, the duo will offer two exclusive items for fans of R-13 (aka Robot 13) and KING!

“KING! first debuted at the Phoenix Con, and we unveiled our plans to do Robot 13 there as well,” noted writer Hall. “Both the convention organizers as well as the Phoenix fans have been behind everything we do at Blacklist. Doing exclusives for the Phoenix Comic Con seems natural to us given that history of support.”

The Phoenix Comicon is the signature pop culture event in the Southwest. Started in 2002 as the “Cactus Con” with 432 attendees, it has since grown to boast more than 7,000 people in attendance. This year’s convention marks the first time the event will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center. For operating hours and directions fans are encouraged to visit the convention’s original website at

R-13 tells the story of a skull-headed robot with an irresistible instinct to battle mythological creatures. It has captured the imaginations of comic book fans and fantasy pros the world over, including none other than legendary sci-fi author Harlan Ellison.

The first three-issue R-13 mini-series, “Colossus” was critically acclaimed, with MTV citing it as the “Best Under-the-Radar Comic Series” on the stands today.

Fans at Phoenix Comicon 10 will get a taste of what the next R-13 mini-series brings with a thrilling print by artist Bradford depicting the robot’s pulse-pounding battle with Medusa. Limited to 100 pieces, Blacklist is offering the print to convention goers for $10.

A huge hit with fans in the Arizona area, the original KING! comic book told the story of a former pro wrestler with a striking resemblance to a certain “king of rock ‘n roll” and a penchant for killing monsters to rival R-13 itself! Blacklist plans to re-launch the KING! comic series this summer.

KING! fans can wait in anticipation for the return of the king while sporting their very own KING! t-shirt. Featuring a full color image on charcoal, 100% cotton shirts, this striking piece of apparel is limited to 100 pieces at a price of $17 each.

Issues of the original R-13 comic book are still available for sale. The print editions of R-13 #2 and #3 can be ordered directly from Blacklist Studios ( The 32-page, full color comics retails for $3.99 US. Distributors and retailers are encouraged to contact Blacklist Studios for wholesale rates.

The R-13 “Colossus” series can also be ordered in a digital edition from Robot Comics ( and Panelfly ( for Apple, Google, Amazon and Android mobiles. The digital editions are priced at $0.99 each.

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