This Egg Will Eat You For Breakfast!

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Eggs have always gotten a pretty bad rap as being...well.....bad for you.

You know, that whole Cholesterol thing.

Well today I have an egg that is very, very, bad for you, not because it may lead to a potential cardiac issue, but because it is 200 feet tall and mad as hell.

Take that FDA!

Born as a lark, "Giant Egg Attack!", has grown (literally) from a joke movie trailer, to a music video/song, to a pseudo religion and a modern bit of folklore, to a short film.

Let me explain. Last year two Norwegian musicians, Geir Are Mo and Jan R. Bakken, took their love of monster movies and combined it with their love of omelets, to create a fake movie trailer about a giant egg that runs amok.

Though the whole thing was created as a joke, the two Viking descendants envisioned much, much more, from their creation.

Geir Are Mo explains, "Yes, the trailer was just a faux. But I will make more videos of it [The Egg] in the future."

"I’m actually a musician and me and a friend [Jan R. Bakken] have a band to make silly and weird music just for the fun of it. At one point it all evolved into a [pseudo] religion, made up out of dumb lyrics and themes, where we were supposed to pray to forks (yeah, the thing you eat with. In Norway, it’s called Gaffel). Later I recorded a song called “The Mortal Egg That Eats Me”. (If you’re interested, you can find almost all the songs here"

"Anyway, as a joke we decided to make the Eggs a mythical gigantic creature in the “gaffismic religion” we created — so that’s where it all started. We later thought about how cool it would’ve been if it was in a giant monster movie. So last summer [Jan] came over to my house. We filmed a few shots around the farm where I live and later that night I finished the trailer."

From that trailer, and song, the whole giant Norwegian egg idea kinda took on a life of it's own, and before the duo knew it, they were working on series of short films, which then in turn, mutated into one, not so short film.

Though Geir Are Mo and Jan Bakken's first love is music, the pair have been working on "Giant Egg Attack!" in their spare time and have been able to put together some fun shots of the Egg rampaging through a city.

"There is still a lot of work to be done ....... Sadly this has taken too long time because of things getting in the way. However, the video WILL be finished when I've got some time to work with it!"

Indeed, film making can be rather time consuming. So, I guess we will have to be patient for "Giant Egg Attack!" to be completed.

Here are a couple examples of what the two Norwegians have been able to do so far:

A religion that worships forks? Giant eggs? Boy, the folks in Norway sure love their breakfast foods. I bet Denny's or IHOP would make a killing there.

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