Antidote Films Making An Old Fashioned/Fan Friendly Monster Movie In VIRGIN FALLS

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Fangoria

How many times have we heard fans complaining that no on in Hollywood gives a crap about what they think?

Well, amazingly there is one studio out there that does give a crap about what you think, and they created a Facebook page so that you can tell them.

Antidote Films is about to embark on a good old fashioned monster movie called, "Virgin Falls", a film that will be made like monster movies used to be made, without CGI, with real people, in real situations.

“We plan to go old-school all the way on this movie,” explains "Virgin Falls" writer/director Carl Paolino. “Ultimately, it’s all about the performances. A film is still a film, and it is sad that horror gets such a bad rap. More intelligent dialogue, dimensional characters and situations are a much needed facelift for the genre. What we need to do is get horror films out of the ‘specialty festivals’ and into the mainstream fests. A veteran casting director is on board VIRGIN FALLS; it’s too early to say who will star, but I can tell you this: You will recognize the talent, and they will not all be from genre films. What I can say is that Kat Castaneda (The Sickness, Attack of the 30 Foot Chola, Knock Knock) will co-star.”

If you think that the film maker is just paying lip service in his vow to keep the effects in "Virgin Falls" on the retro side, think again. Paolino is no fan of computer effects, and he's not shy about lambasting the medium, “I’m sick of it. Like all new creative media, filmmakers rely too much on digital flash and glitter, and it shows. They haven’t bothered to hone their craft, and storytelling goes right out the window.” (For 'Virgin Falls') “The creatures will be real, the fight scenes will be real.”

In the film, five women will have to match their wits against the brutal rage of an ancient monster in a remote wilderness local.

As I mentioned before, the makers of "Virgin Falls" are going to take the fans input seriously, “We are determined to stay in touch with our audience, so we’ve created a fan page on Facebook,” adds producer Producer Susan Dee. “We plan for this to be a daily outlet for horror buffs to share the experience of making this film along with us. We also plan to hold contests, with the winners invited to the set to watch a scene being shot and meet some of the actors, or be our guest at the New York City or Los Angeles premiere of "Virgin Falls". After all, it’s all about the fans.”

Check that out here - Virgin Falls Facebook Page

"It's all about the fans" - Words that we have all heard before, only thing is, I really believe that the folks over at Antidote Films mean it. I posted a remark on the page and within minutes they responded back. Now, that's service! I don't know if there will be somebody monitoring that page 24/7, but so far, so good.

I'm actually kinda getting giddy about film makers turning away from CGI. Not, that the medium doesn't have valid uses, I just agree with Carl Paolino, film makers today a relying on it too much.

"Virgin Falls" looks very promising, can't wait to hear more on this one.

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