Superman's Girl Friend, Noel Neill Honored With Statue

Above, Noel Neill and George Reeves.

Superman's Girl Friend, Noel Neill Honored With Statue

by Armand Vaquer

A special event took place at the 32nd Annual Superman Celebration.

Several hundred people gathered in Metropolis, Illinois yesterday for the unveiling ceremony of the new Noel Neill "Lois Lane" statue.

Braving heat and humidity after an early rain, the gathering honored the "First Lady of Metropolis" with a nine-foot tall statue of Neill in her signature role of Lois Lane in the Adventures of Superman television show (1951-1957).

Above, with help from "Superman" Josh Boultinghouse, Noel unveils her statue. Photo by Bill Dillane.

Metropolis Mayor Billy McDaniel said:

We have a legend in the statue on the Superman square. This is a unique statue, because this is a living legend. A dedicated lady who has dedicated so much of her life to entertainment.

In her remarks at the ceremony, Noel Neill quipped:

Nine feet tall. Whatever. None of us are over nine feet tall, not even George. But that's showbiz.

Neill, of course, was referring to the show's star, the late George Reeves.

Above, Jack "Jimmy Olsen" Larson and Noel in 2005. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Sculptor Gary Smith created the Lois Lane statue and he also created the big Superman statue which stands in the main square.

WSIL-TV has an article on the ceremony along with a video. To view them, go here.

Noel Neill will be celebrating her 90th birthday this coming November.

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