KISS - Gene Simmons - Mr. Potato Head

Source: Entertainment Earth

"You wanted the best, and you got the best. The hottest spuds in the world .... KISS!"

Okay, the likenesses of the four original members of the band, KISS, have graced everything from comic books to condoms, but amazingly never a potato ..... until now.

If you like Mr. Potato Head and the hits of the 1970s, might we turn you on to the KISS Gene Simmons Mr. Potato Head? One of a collection of four, this rockin' spud has exclusive facial pieces and a paint job you won't see anywhere else. Be sure to get him, as he's certain to rock and/or roll all night… plus possibly party every day!

Gene Simmons Mr. Potato Head, ready to rock KISS-style!
The Demon- Gene Simmons!
Introduction for future fans of KISS!

This KISS Gene Simmons Mr. Potato Head stands about 6-inches tall, the perfect size for playing or proudly displaying. The Gene Simmons Mr. Potato Head is packed in a colorful window display box and includes a variety of costumes, instruments, hairstyles, faces, and more.

Coming In October 2010! Order Yours Today For Only $14.99!

And of course they have Paul Stanley, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley in potato form as well!

Thank you Idaho, we love you!

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