New Concept Art For Won Shin-yeon's ROBOT TAEKWAN V

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Twitch / Avery Guerra

If your a giant robot fan, like me, than this really outta get ya all geeked up.

As I have often said, movie productions in other parts of the world work on a different timetable than they do here in America. Sometimes it literally takes years to get from the planning stages to the finished product.

Such is the case with Won Shin-yeon's giant robot epic, "Robot Taekwon V", a film that we first started talking about here at Monster Island News way back in 2008.

Since that time we have seen all kinds of production photos, test animations and even TV commercials coming out of Korea, but no real footage or images that will make it into the film.

Which means there has been a lot of thought and planning being put into this one that so far hasn't translated into any actual filming.

Well, I wish that I could report that there is some actual filming being done on "Robot Taekwon V", but all I have for you today is more conceptual stuff. This time in the form of a set of new Taekwon V designs by digital artist Josh Nizzi who also designed many of the bots in "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen".

Like his work in "Transformers", Nizzi has taken the classic, and I should point out, more refined look of the original Taekwon V, and added a lot more bells and whistles. Basically turning the robot into another Transformer as opposed to making look like the Japanese robot, Mazinger Z, which it was originally modeled after.

Now, I don't know about you, but I like the classic look better, today everyone seems to be making these robots look too complicated. I'll take any of the old Japanese robots over these new designs any day.

Hopefully production on "Robot Taekwon V" should begin very shortly. Tentatively the film now has a release date scheduled for sometime in 2011.

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