Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Most Talked About Stories Of 2008

Normally Monster Island News readers are a pretty tight lipped bunch. Generally they let the authors here do most of the talking. There were, however, a few articles that got the fans emotional enough to sit down to add in their two cents worth.

The articles that they chose to write responses to say a lot about the readers here. They don't care about politics or social issues. Instead they care about giant robots, Batman, and crappy convention food.

Here are the articles from 2008 that drew the most fan feedback:

When Daniel Radcliffe hinted that there may be some sex in drugs in the next Harry Potter movie fans voiced their scepticism. These movies are supposed to be for kids right?

Author Blossom Goodchild said that aliens had informed her that they would appear in the skies over Alabama on October 14th. Amazing enough they didn't show.

Celebrities love to talk politics, but who would you rather listen to, Paris Hilton or Chuck Norris?

Batman rumor articles are starting become the norm here. What could be a juicier story than a hot looking actress like Angelina Jolie getting Catwoman advice from a porn star like Tera Patrick?

Combine a martial arts performing giant robot with a very funny Korean TV commercial and you have the recipe for a great article.

Many great actors and actresses passed away in 2008. The fans here chose to pay their respects to the man who played the "Gill-Man" in "Creature From The Black Lagoon." Everyone loved Ben Chapman. He will be missed.

Is There? We still don't know for sure. If there is then it is tight lipped secret.

There were high hopes for the Robotech movie. Now it looks like "Transformers" all over again.

Batman rumors again. How awful would Eddie Murphy be as "The Riddler"? Egads!

The plain truth is, the fans demand good food, and if they don't get it? All hell can break loose!

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