Check Out HALKa A Crazy-Ass HULK Rip-Off From Bangladesh

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: io9 / Urlesque / Avery Guerra

What do you do if the local bully's pull your pants down and whip the crap out of you in front of the neighborhood hottie?

Well if you are in Bangladesh, and you have a chemistry set, you go home and mix yourself up a smoothie that will turn yourself into a eight-foot-tall green guy that looks a lot like Lou Ferrigno, that's what you do!

Oh, and um, wear a skirt that looks like it came right off of Xena's booty.

Well, at least that is the premise of the new Bangladeshi sci fi movie "HALKa", which I assume means "Hulk", because it is nothing more than a rip-off of "The Hulk".

If you recall back in June I posted an article about the Bangladeshi remake of "King Kong" called "Banglar King Kong" which was something you just had to see to believe. Now, "HALKa" doesn't look a nutso as BKK, but from what we see in the trailer (below) it looks like it is pretty out there.

Even though we don't see any of it in the trailer, this is a "Bollywood" type film, so it would be safe to assume that at least 60% of the film will be like a music video with singing and dancing, which may actually help a film like this be, well, at least somewhat entertaining.

That's aside from all of the unintentional humor.

I asked this question in my last article about a film made in Bangladesh, "doesn't the country have any copyright laws?" You would figure that Marvel Comics and Stan Lee would be mobilizing the the lawyers about now if they do.

That is, unless the makers of the film actually bought the rights?

Na ...... I doubt that.

Anyway, the clip is a riot, and it is certain to become an Internet sensation:

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  1. Turns out this is a student film intended as a parody.


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