Hollywood Is A "Maid-To-Order" Move For Rachel Grubb And Silent-But-Deadly Productions

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Rachel Grubb / Brooke Lemke

It's a story that has been played out over a zillion times in books, movies and even rock ballads, an aspiring young woman from the Midwest heads to Hollywood to seek fame in fortune in the movie biz.

Well, however, for actress and Minnesota native Rachel Grubb her move to Tinseltown is just the logical next step in a movie career that began six years ago. So far, the talented writer, producer, actress and model hasn't needed any big-time Hollywood backing to forge a successful stint both in front of, and behind, the camera, landing 38 acting rolls over that time span.

As I have reported in other articles, Rachel's star has been on the ascend big-time over the past couple of years.

But now it is time to take the next step, to leave Minnesota and head west, along with her production company Silent-But-Deadly Productions, which she co founded with fellow actress Brooke Lemke in 2006. Since it's inception SBDP has produced seven film projects, including "Why Am I In A Box" and "A Young Heart", to help young actresses break into the entertainment industry. Though the production company doesn't exclude male talent, most of their projects are filmed with about a 75% cast and crew.

Now Brooke and Rachel can see if what worked so well in Minnesota can work in Los Angeles?

Odds are it can and will. After all, isn't Hollywood a place that everyone comes to make their dreams come true? With any luck these two actresses from, “Land of 10000 Lakes,” may be able to make their own dreams, and the dreams of others, come true.

As for the people they leave behind, well, Brooke Lemke had this to say, "This will officially be "good-bye" to Minnesota for us. We have been grateful for all of the support and encouragement over the past few years and hope with this larger step, we'll continue to have your support as we make more projects a reality! Where we'll make our films will all depend on the story locations and tax incentives, so it's difficult to say when or if we'll back to Minnesota. But we will NEVER forget you!"

Here are some of Rachel Grubb's latest modeling photos:

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