Ikki Tousen Chouun - Gym Suit Statue

Source: Entertainment Earth

Ikki Tousen Chouun Gym Suit Statue:

This item has features and themes that are for adults only. Ages 18 and up. Recommended for mature collectors.

Grab your gym bags; it's time to get in shape! Ikki Tousen Chouun Gym Suit Statue will be there, so we're sure you'll want to look your best. Chouun looks so good, in fact, that she'll show you what's under her gym shirt! Order this statue and get into shape today!

Physical education? Oh yes!
Is Chouun a schoolgirl first, and warrior later?
Sexy statue with come-hither eyes from Ikki Tousen.
Removable clothing.
Come and get her!

In her gym suit, it looks like Chouun is a school girl first, and warrior later. Without the outfit, well… This 1:8 scale PVC sculpture of Chouun features her in her physical education attire. After working up a nice sweat, her clothes can come off for some cool down… or whatever. The sexy statue with the come-hither eyes comes with a display base in window-box packaging. Come and get her!

Order Yours Today For Only $114.99!

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