Xena Star Renée O’Connor To Hunt A Monsterous Whale In The Asylum's MOBY DICK

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Robert Hood / Avery Guerra

It seems like an eternity ago that The Asylum launched what would become the giant sea monster movie craze back in 2009 with "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus". True, it has only been just a little over a year since that film, and the media blitz it created, was unleashed upon us all, but since that time there have been literally dozens of copycat films put into production, even some by the original films producers over at The Asylum, which make it seem as if this barrage of killer fish films has been going on for ever.

Granted, you can't fault the folks over at The Asylum, a studio that has made a name for itself by producing 'clones' of Hollywood blockbusters, for wanting to capitalize on a winning formula, which in the case is: Giant Monster From The Sea + 80s pop star (or well-known TV Star(s)) + Mayhem / Destruction = Dollars, Dollars, Dollars ($$$$).

Hey, if it works, and people wanna pay for it, why stop?

Well, as announced in one of my prior articles, The Asylum has no intention of stopping any time soon with both "Mega Shark vs Giganotosaurus" and "Moby Dick" being pushed into production as we speak.

Actually it is the later film, "Moby Dick" that I want to talk about today.

This time around, the beauty, to go alongside The Asylum's giant (I mean really giant) beast, isn't an 80s pop sensation, like Tiffany (Mega Piranha) or Debbie Gibson ("Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus"), but actress Renée O’Connor, who you may remember from the very popular fantasy/action series “Xena: Warrior Princess”.

Since "Xena" went off the air in 2001, O'Connor has kept herself busy by starting her own production company, ROC Pictures, which has just finished filming "Words Unspoken", and a few acting gigs in films like "Alien Apocalypse", which may very well be one of the worst films I have ever seen.

As should be expected "Moby Dick" is basically a modern take on Herman Melville's 1851 novel by the same name. Just take the iconic "White Whale" from the story and replace it with a gigantic whale that had "Godzilla" as a role model, obsessed whale hunter Captain Ahab, with a submarine commander named Ahab (Barry Bostwick, add a marine biologist named Dr Michelle Herman (named after Melville)(O'Connor) plus a bunch of screaming people trying to get out of the way, and you get the general idea here.

This tag line pretty much sums it all up: “Man’s Most Powerful Weapon Versus the World’s Largest Creature”.

A nuclear sub vs a giant whale!

Oh man, you just know it's going to be gonzo with over-the-top sea battles and cheesy effects, which, depending on which side of the fence you are on, can be good or bad.

Some people really love these flicks, or else there wouldn't be so damn many of them, and some don't. I'm personally kinda getting sick of them.

Regardless of what I think, there are more to come, and more to write about, so I had just better get used to it.

Unfortunately, for me, The Asylum has got me on this one because, to be honest, I have had a huge crush on Renée O’Connor since back in the 90s, so I will be watching.

Here are some photos from "Moby Dick":

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  1. I love Renee beautiful as ever.I be watching too.


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