Jim Wynorski Reveals His Ultra Cute Ogopogo From MONSTER CRUISE

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Jim Wynorski / Undead Brainspasm / Avery Guerra

I think everybody by now is very familier with the often-times offbeat work of film maker Jim Wynorski who has brought us such classics as the "Cloverfield" parody, "Cleavagefield." Which, as you probably guessed, is a film about big-breasted women, sometimes dressed and sometimes not, being chased around by some giant monster.

You either really like that kinda stuff, or you don't. I can only assume that if your reading MIN, you REALLY dig that kinda stuff.

But, enough about that.

For Wynorski's follow-up he has apparently changed gears, somewhat, opting to make a movie about hot women, near a lake, being chased around by a monster that is so cute it puts baby Godzilla to shame.

The monster in question, the famed cousin of Scotland's Nessie, the Ogopogo, the lake monster that reportedly inhabits lake Okanagan Lake, in British Columbia.

Damn that's one cute monster isn't it?!

The film, which actually wasn't filmed in Canada at all, but Lake Monroe, Indiana, stars Kayla Gill, Erin Neufer, Paul Wallace, Shay Dickerhoff, Gerard Pauwels, Stacey Dixon, Ervin Ross, Jim O’Rear, Hal Fryar (of Three Stooges fame), Jim Hardin, Vicky Richmond, Bill Cothron, Tammy Logsdon, Jason Smither, David DeSpain, Dennis Crosswhite and Rick Shedd.

Speaking of Indiana, as luck would have it, the film is set to premiere at this year's "B Movie Celebration" in Franklin, Indiana, on September 24-26.

Prepare to say "AWWWWW How Cute". Here are the promo images of Wynorski's adorable Ogopogo from "Monster Cruise":

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