Magnet To Release South Korean Monster Flick CHAW In The US As CHAWZ

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Undead Backbrain / / Avery Guerra

Over the past half decade film makers in South Korea have really fallen in love with good old fashioned monster movies and despite what you might think, they have produced some of the genres better films over that time span.

One of these surprisingly good monster movies is Jeong-won Shin's giant boar on the loose film, entitled "Chaw", which has flown under the radar, mostly, here in the western world.

Now, thankfully, Magnet Releasing is set to bring the film to US shores under the odd title "Chawz". If you think that the film's new Americanized title sounds a little bit too much like "Jaws" you would be correct, for the folks over at Magnet are not trying to hide the fact they want people to make the mental connection.

Here is the press release:

The Wagner Cuban Company’s Magnet Releasing, genre arm of Magnolia Pictures, announced today that it has acquired North American rights to CHAWZ, a wild and funny Korean monster movie about a giant, vicious pig terrorizing an idyllic countryside. Directed by Jeong-won Shin, CHAWZ is an affectionate tribute to classing monster movies that boasts fantastically gory special effects of the porcine beast attacking innocent tourists looking to pick organic vegetables.

“If JAWS was looking to branch out to dry land, without a doubt he’d want to be CHAWZ,” said Magnet SVP Tom Quinn. “Another worthy addition to the Korean monster hall of fame and the Magnet Releasing library.”

Youngjoo Suh, CEO of Finecut comments, “I’m delighted to work again with Magnolia who did a brilliant job for the distribution of THE HOST. We very much look forward to our collaboration through CHAWZ.”

The North American deal was negotiated by Magnet’s Quinn and Peter Van Steemberg with Youngjoo Suh and Luna Kim from Finecut.

And here is another synopsis:

Shock and fear wash over the quiet, peaceful town of Sameri when ecologist (Soo Ryeon) discovers the body parts of a girl in the mountains. Officer Kim Kang Su (Uhm Tae Woong), newly transferred from Seoul, gets assigned to the case, but it soon transpires this is no ordinary homicide. Cheon Il Man (Jang Hang Seon), the victim’s grandfather, is convinced that the culprit is a giant man-eating boar, and more will be claimed if the beast isn’t taken down. Kim’s own mother has gone missing, and may have already fallen victim. All interested in capturing the boar for reasons of their own, Kim, Cheon, Soo Ryeon, opportunistic hunter Baek (Yoon Je Moon), and detective Shin (Park Hyuk Kwon) head into the dangerous wilds, but will they make it back out alive?

"Chaw" .... or "Chawz" as it were, made it's debut on this side of the Pacific this past June at the New York Asian Film Festival, where it drew very favorable reviews from the fans in attendance.

Here are some great stills from the film, that were collected by Avery Guerra:

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