Peter H. Brothers Gone Batty: Completes Novel Based On Lugosi Movie

by Armand Vaquer

Peter H. Brothers reports that he has completed his first novel.

It is based on the Bela Lugosi melodrama, The Devil Bat, which was produced in 1940 and released in January 1941 by Producers Releasing Corporation (PRC).

In the movie, Lugosi plays Dr. Paul Carruthers, a research chemist who is embittered (Who else besides Bela can play such a role with relish?) that one of his formulas brought a fortune to his employers, but practically nothing to himself.

To avenge this affront, Carruthers creates giant bats who are conditioned to attack anyone wearing a special scent (in a shaving lotion) he concocted.

Above, author Peter H. Brothers with his first book, "Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men: The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda" in his back yard.

Brothers says:

"Devil Bat Diary" is complete! Clocking-in at 53,000 words it is a novelization of what "really" happened in the movie "The Devil Bat" based on the recently-discovered journal kept by the reporter Johnny Layton. I have already contacted a couple of publishers and will contact several more. Keep your fingers crossed and I will keep you posted on my progress!

This should be an entertaining and interesting read!

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  1. Hopefully, this will lead to novelizations of other Lugosi (and Karloff) movies.


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