Scarlet Salem Update: Daigoro Music Video, Potpourri Trailer And Shock Horror Interview

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Scarlet Salem

It has been quite a while since we last heard from every ones favorite little scream queen Scarlet Salem. We knew she was working on stuff, but must have taken a vow of silence or something, because the actress and model was keeping very tight-lipped about things.

Well, whatever gag-order Scarlet was under, or most likely she was just too busy to drop us a line, must have expired because she has come forward with a bunch of new stuff.

First off, Scarlet was recently featured in a music video for the thrash/death metal band Daigoro. She is the man star in the vid, and there is a lot of scenes with her running around in a little white outfit that ought to make all of our male readers very happy.

This is how Scarlet describes the vid, "If you like hot chicks, death metal, and zombies you have to check it out."

Well we do, and we certainly will!

Secondly, the trailer for one of Scarlet's new films, Potpourri, has just been released, and we have that for you below.

And lastly, and most importantly, Scarlet was just interviewed for the premiere issue of the UK horror fanzine, Shock Horror. Whatever she said to the folks over at the magazine must have been very impressive because they also offered her a monthly gig writing for them as well.

Congrats to Scarlet on that, and I'm sure all of you will be looking forward to reading her stuff ...... that is if they sell the magazine here in America.

Go and check this out -

Oh, and before I forget, look for Scarlet in our "100 Most Popular (Sexiest) Women In Movies, TV, SciFi And Fantasy" list. I'm not going to tell you where she ranks, but it is rather high ...... okay, in the top 50. That's all your getting out of me. I hate to spoil surprises!

Here is the music video, along with some pics of Scarlet from the set, and the "Potpourri" trailer as promised:

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