Star Wars - Boba Fett Bust / Bank

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Boba Fett Wants Your Money!

But it's OK; he's cool. He's just going to hold on to it for you. Diamond Select's Star Wars Boba Fett Bust Bank combines the detail of a bust with the slot of a bank, making this a great way to keep your change handy. This collectible figure is painted similar to his Return of the Jedi look, and he's also just freaking swell. Don't miss this one!

Keep your bounty with Boba Fett guarding at all times!
The Boba Fett Bust Bank is based on digital files from the Lucasfilm Archives!
Impressive detail without breaking the bank!

His hatred of the Rebels and the Jedi has been growing since his youth, but the most popular bounty hunter in the galaxy is now ready to guard your room… and your loose change! Based on digital files from the Lucasfilm Archives, the Boba Fett Bust Bank from Star Wars measures just over 8-inches tall and comes super-detailed right down to the last blaster mark on his armor-- beaten, blasted, and weathered over his long career in the pursuit of bounties… and revenge. Now you can collect this impressive sculpt at a great value, and put the money you save right in the bank!

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