Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Screen Daily / Avery Guerra

Remakes and 3D films are all the rage these days, so is it any surprise that Stealth Media Group has hired Nuala Barton and Rene Sheridan to produce a modern, 3D, version of the 1977 cult film "Kingdom of the Spiders", which originally starred "Star Trek" alumni William Shatner?

Of course not.

If you recall, the original "Kingdom of the Spiders" was about a small Arizona town (Sedona) that was overrun by thousands of hungry tarantulas.

This time around, however, and if the promo poster to the right is any indication, it looks like a major city is set to face an epic infestation of arachnids this time, and not by only tarantulas, but all kinds of creepy crawlers.

The two producers made this rather benign comment about their upcoming film, “We are delighted to be working with Stealth Media’s Jason Piette, Sean O’Kelly and Michael Cowan to bring this cult classic back to larger than life, in 3D.”

Not much to go on there.

Look for more information on "Kingdom of the Spiders 3D" to crawl out from under the furniture soon.

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  1. This is one of the many films that deserve a remake. The original Kingdom of the Spiders was a fun, yet creepy trip of a film. It didn't have great production value, but what it did have was heart. Remakes should be made of this type of film (good premise but low fundage)not remakes of films that were great as is (i.e.the day the earth stood still).

    I can't wait to see this pne.

    1. Hope is as good as the 1977 film

    2. Hope this movie is as good as the 1977 version, a lot of computer generated in the new movie, the old one had real spiders in it.


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