Return To Tokyo

Text and photos by Armand Vaquer

For the past week, I've been in Japan promoting The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan.

While here, I've spoken to some book dealers and two newspapers, Japan Today and The Daily Yomiuri. My interview with The Daily Yomiuri is slated to appear December 24 and I'm to receive some additional interview questions via email from Japan Today this coming week.

It hasn't been all business here. I visited the (relatively) new Godzilla statue at the main gate of Toho Studios. Following that, I headed over to the Asakusa section of Tokyo to see the new Sky Tree Tower and do some gift shopping. One morning, I visited the Tsukiji Fish Market.

I also saw Space Battleship Yamato at the Toho Cinemas at the Yurakucho Mullion in Ginza.

I am currently in Niigata (on the Sea of Japan side of Honshu) until tomorrow. Then it's back to Tokyo.

As pictures "are worth a thousand words," here's a few from the Tokyo portion of my trip to Japan:


  1. These are some great pictures, Armand, having never been to Japan I'm jealous! But I can't help wondering why the Godzilla statue in front of Toho Studios wasn't modeled after the suit from the original film.

  2. Thanks, Dai. Good question. Since the Japanese tend to do things by committee, perhaps the "statue committee" decided to go with the Heisei Godzilla design.

    Regardless, you have to admit it is one handsome statue! - A.


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