Simpsons Director's Edition Treehouse Of Horror Velvet Giclee

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Only 100 pieces of this amazing Simpsons Director's Edition Treehouse Horror Velvet Giclee will be produced. It features 10 pencil sketches of Simpsons characters on the border, and centered around the "Treehouse of Horror" episodes, the gorgeous creation brings you some of the finest that The Simpsons has to offer. Don't miss out on this one, because Acme Archives isn't kidding when they call it a "limited edition"!

Simpsons Director's Edition Treehouse Horror Velvet Giclee:

The third piece in the Simpsons Director's Edition series!
Unique artwork based on the popular "Treehouse of Horror" specials.
Giclee features pencil sketches from 10 different The Simpsons directors!
The print includes images of Homer, Marge, Bart, Maggie, and Lisa.
Limited to a mere 100 pieces worldwide!

The third piece in the Simpsons Director's Edition series, this fine giclee based on the popular "Treehouse of Horror" specials features a central image and original pencil sketches and signatures from 10 different The Simpsons directors! Each giclee print is unique because the sketches vary from piece to piece, and no two are alike. Printed on velvet fine-art paper, the work of art measures 22-inches wide x 17-inches tall, is limited to a mere 100 hand-numbered pieces worldwide, and includes certificate of authenticity. Order yours today!

The central image is from "Treehouse of Horror X" and features Homer as the jack-in-the-box from "Treehouse of Horror II," Marge as the witch from "Treehouse of Horror VIII," Bart as the half-fly mutant from "Treehouse of Horror VIII," Maggie as the alien/human mutant from "Treehouse of Horror IX," and Lisa as the victim of an axe murderer. The one-of-a-kind pencil sketches are hand drawn by 10 Simpsons directors, including David Silverman, Mike Anderson, Mark Kirkland, Steven Dean Moore, Matthew Faughn, and Chris Clements.

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