Kitty From KITTY IN A CASKET Explodes On Stage!

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Imagine the horror when right in the middle of a live show one of the band members just simply blows up. Yes, explodes. Body parts go flying .... there is pandemonium ..... fans running for the doors ..... the week being trampled under foot as panic sets in.

Sounds like your kind of concert right?

Well, that is exactly what happened at a Kitty In A Casket show in Europe recently.

One of the band members just blew up right in the middle of the song "Zombie Paradise". Then to make things worse ... Kitty (the lead singer) started to catch fire, as in spontaneously combust.

Okay ....... none of that really happened.

It's all just a part of a running joke between Kitty and myself on Facebook. I pointed out that if she were to blow up on stage that it would be one hell of a publicity stunt and that it would undoubtedly boost the sales of their latest CD "Back to Thrill". Kitty decided that it would be better if one of her band mates blew up instead of herself.

Alas ..... some people just aren't willing to sacrifice it all for the sake of art ..... spectacle .... shock value?

Kitty In A Casket will be performing live at the Viper Room in Vienna Austria on July 2nd. The show will be a special release party for "Back to Thrill". Other artists on the bill include RAMAZURI and The Acting Apes.

Who knows .... maybe someone will explode during the gig? I did plant the idea in Kitty's head.

If it happens I want the credit ...... wait ...... that would be murder.

I know nothing about any of this ......

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