Godzilla On Monster Island Video Slot Machine

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: IGT

It seems that there is some sort of conspiracy going on to get me into a casino. Yes, a very definite conspiracy to get my big white parked in front of a slot machine. Sure I play the slots from time to time, who doesn't, but I'm no high roller and I can easily resist an urge to plunk my hard earned dough into a one-armed bandit.

That will power is starting to ebb however with the recent introduction of a slot machine that is classic Universal monster themed. I loved to play the old "Creature From The Black Lagoon" slot machine so I figured that I give the new game a shot. Anyway, I can resist "The Creature", "Wolfman" and "Frankenstein" when I want to ...... but can I resist "Godzilla"?

Probably not.

Yes, the "King of Monsters" has invaded the casino!

Here is the skinny from slot machine manufacturer IGT:

Launch into the explosive world of monsters and mayhem with Godzilla on Monster Island Video Slots. Packed with larger-than-life Godzilla characters, this MegaJackpots animal provides some exhilarating interactive features.

During the Godzilla vs. the Military Bonus, players control the path of Godzilla's atomic breath to military vehicles with the guidance of their hand.

Look for Mothra and Godzilla to enter the base game to reward random wilds and more. And in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, the legendary monsters battle in an epic Free Games match.

Innovative technology, frequent bonuses and an atomic progressive keeps players engaged and immersed in some mighty, monstrous entertainment.

"Godzilla on Monster Island Video Slots" contains animations of Godzilla, MechaGodzilla, Gigan and Mothra.

Damn these slot machine makers will make a gambler out of me yet!

Check out these images and trailer:

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