Compelling New Bigfoot Video AWOL For Now

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Bigfoot Evidence

I was hoping to begin today's postings with a brand new video of Bigfoot that reportedly is quite compelling, however that video has now been taken down.

As the story goes a life-long Bigfoot researcher named Larry Surface has been setting up his video camera in strategic locations where he believed the elusive creature had been lurking. Last week he got his money shot when allegedly the beast walked right in front of the camera. Here is a description of what happened from Larry's website "Bigfoot Evidence":

"Success at last!! After many months of patient waiting, I caught a Bigfoot on Video! Those who have followed my blog may remember that I said it would be necessary to use moon light without any infrared lighting, well that has been the case.

The star of the video however, did not follow the script. I expected him to come from the woods in the background, and had the focus set for about 50 yards. But he/she appeared suddenly right in front of the camera at 2 or 3 feet, and backlighted by the moon, both of which prevented a clear view of the face. And the resolution of this video is reduced to make a more manageable upload.

The subject passed in front of the camera and apparently peered around the corner where the cats are fed, either looking for cat food or a cat, then turned and went back the way it came.

The color of the body fur appears white in the video, but it may be a light brown or tan
highlighted by the moon light. I will attempt to do some follow up testing to determine what colors look like in the green night vision. Also will do some follow up photos to determine the size.But I get the impression that it is not very large.

Skeptics, don't bother to send me your claims of fakery, I won't waste my time arguing, if you don't believe, that is your problem. But I want to present this to the ones who have followed me and been supportive."

Apparently Sasquatch was ready for his closeup.

It was soon after that initial post that Surface took down the video in hopes of cleaning it up a bit:

"Sorry, I have to pull the video for now. But have patience, I will in the meantime get it enhanced as much as possible and it will come back better than ever."

Immediately after the video was pulled down the skeptics went on the war path posting remarks accusing Surface of trying to pull off a hoax. Apparently the comments really were very mean spirited, so much so in fact that the researcher has opted to keep his video to himself until the heat dies down:

"The critics have beaten me down. I guess they can celebrate now. But one of my lifetime goals has been achieved, I have gathered enough evidence to prove to myself that the "Wild Man"exists. That is in the form of track casts, audio files, dna, and a video sighting. My mistake was in trying to share it with everyone. Although the comments were 90% enthusiastically supportive, that changed when I pulled the video for reasons which will have to remain unspecified. After that, the pack used it as amunition to support their claims of fakery.

To one who has spent his life truthfully, and now in weak health, it is just too much to put up with. Life is too short.

The video will come out again when the time is right. I won't post anything else here. I may post on facebook where I can block out the ignorant.

Thanks again to all the supporters."

If Surface's video shows what he claims than the researcher may have the best video evidence of Sasquatch to surface since the famous Patterson footage was shot way back in 1967. It's too bad that he has let the words of a few skeptics influence his thinking and prevent the rest of us from getting a chance to view this new evidence and draw our own conclusions.

Is this new footage really Bigfoot? It will be impossible to know for sure and I'm not saying that it is or isn't. It could either be great new evidence or another of a long line of hoaxes. Hopefully someday Surface will change his mind and release his video so that we can forge our own opinion on it's validity.


  1. Blaming his hiding of the video on his attackers is pretty much a cop out, imo. If he has evidence then present it. The video will stand or fall on it's own merits. Here in the U.S. there's sadly an incredible amount of attacks on scientists who study climate change, and on their resulting work (so much so that a David Attenborough show on the topic for his series Frozen Planet won't be shown here in the States, due to pressure from climate change critics). Doesn't stop the scientists from keeping on with their work, and this researcher shouldn't bow to the pressure either. Strikes me as rather cowardly. If you believe in something strongly than stand up for it. If, on the other hand, one can't take the heat, then perhaps he's in the wrong profession.

  2. It's fake, you can take that to the bank! This scenario has played out many times before. Night vision Sasquatch is one of the easiest to fake. Someone presents blurry, out of focus, 'irrefutable evidence' which immediately invites questions. The presenter of 'evidence' can't answer simple questions about it. Then the people asking the questions suddenly become evil skeptics and the presenter slips back under his rock with evidence in tow. Usually claiming ill health, ill family, etc. and unable to take the stress or the evidence is being copyrighted or being investigated by some unknown 'experts' and will be released later on. Blah, blah, blah this sort of crap is getting old.

  3. The video is still available to be watched online, at least for a short time. I imagine it could be downloaded using a suitable firefox extension as well.

    You can watch the video here:

  4. It's always a red flag when someone claiming to have definitive evidence for Bigfoot in one form or another abruptly withdraws it, isn't willing to let it be fully seen for what it supposedly is, will only cater to a "supportive" group, or makes excuses for withholding or removing it citing such things as "unspecified" reasons. What would a real, rationally thinking person do if they thought that they'd actually had definitive proof of something like Bigfoot? They probably wouldn't post it on YouTube or some obscure website first, they'd probably try to find a way to get it to people who could properly study and analyze it. (Or at least get it seen on MonsterQuest. Hahahahaha!)

  5. Ive been watching this since it came out. If Surface actually thought he had something, he would post it. My thoughts are its a good fake and when people started questioning it he packed it up. I for one believe there is something out there, but people like Surface and Matt Moneymaker and Standring and a few others put so much crap out there that the few people actually doing real science have no chance to be heard.

  6. Simply, Larry did not notice the cat before he posted the fake. The, ah-ha, you peeps discovered it. How embarrasing. What cat on this planet would be so close to a BF, I ask you? Oh, the cat...probably belongs to Larry or the BF...


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