Ishiro Honda Family Suing For Godzilla Copyright

by Armand Vaquer

Above, yours truly with Toho's (or is it Honda's?) copyrighted Godzilla character.

It has been reported that the family of Godzilla director Ishiro Honda is suing Toho Co., Ltd. for the copyright to the Godzilla character.

According to this article in

In a past case, the copyright for Godzilla was supposed to belong to the Honda estate, but Toho insists on having at least the merchandising rights to the character.

Personally, I don't see how Ishiro Honda or his family has any claim to the rights to the character as Honda was a staff director of Toho, unless there is some codicil in his contract with the movie studio giving him some rights. Then again, there may be something in Japanese law or case law that provides this.

To read the full article (with links to Japanese sites), go here.

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