Something's going on - my Spider-sense is tingling!

It's Spidey trivia time!

Two episodes of the Spider-Man animated series (1967-1970) ("Phantom from the Depths of Time" and "Revolt in the Fifth Dimension") heavily recycle animation from episodes "From Menace to Menace" and "Dimentia Five" of the earlier series Rocket Robin Hood by simply substituting Spider-Man for Rocket Robin Hood on the animated cels.

The Human Fly Twins ("The Spider and the Fly" and "Trick or Treachery") are named "Stan" and "Lee".

In the opening title sequence of the show, Spider-Man is shown, "in the chill of night", looking out of a window at a jewelry store. The store's sign displays the words "FINE JEWLERY". When Spider-Man swings down and kicks the door open, the sign has become "FINE JEWELRY".

In "The Origin of Spider-Man," one of the bikers calls Peter a "four-eyed fouler" even though he does not wear glasses throughout the entire series.

The 1967 'Spider-Man' series displayed the web-slinging crime-fighter for the first time outside the comic book. Peter Parker, an ordinary college student, is bitten by a radioactive spider and soon finds he has the spider's ability to climb across buildings and swing across streets. After his Uncle Ben is murdered by a thief he surprised, Peter assumes the identity of Spider-Man to go after the low-lifes who plague Manhattan's streets. For 3 years, he battled with such villains as Dr. Octopus, the Green Goblin, the Kingpin, Mysterio, the Radiation Specialist, Clive, and the Rhino - always putting an end to their criminal ambitions. Written by Derek O'Cain

All Info From IMDB

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