Finding Bigfoot Starting A New Fouke Monster Frenzy

Source: KTBS Shreveport, LA

Is bigfoot in Southwest Arkansas? For decades, tourists have traveled to Fouke, Arkansas to find out for themselves.

After Highway 549 was built, community leaders were concerned whether or not visitors would still come.

However, the small community is still embracing the local legend and so are bigfoot enthusiasts.

Terita Friday grew up hearing all about the elusive creature.

She says Texarkana native Charles Pierce put Fouke on the map with his 1970's movie "The Legend of Boggy Creek."

Now a film crew from the Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" has everyone talking again.

Brenda Roberts owns the Fouke Monster Store.

It's the only store in town with bigfoot souvenirs.

She says the legendary story is what keeps people coming to visit, even after traffic was detoured around the heart of town.

"They'll go out of their way on 549 to find us, we get alot of calls," said Roberts.

Bigfoot was first spotted in the Fouke area in the 1950's.


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