Vote Haruo Nakajima To Monster Kid Hall of Fame

by Armand Vaquer

The 2012 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards ballot is now up.

Now is the time to submit your votes.  I personally have nothing on the ballot, but you can place a write-in vote for the following:  Haruo Nakajima as an inductee into the Monster Kid Hall of Fame.

35. And finally, help us  again: Who do you think should be this year's inductees into the Monster  Kid Hall of Fame?

ALREADY INDUCTED ARE: Bob and Kathy Burns, Forrest J Ackerman  and James Warren, Zacherley and Vampira, Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury, Alex and  Richard Gordon, William K. Everson, Rick Baker, Basil Gogos, Roger Corman, Dick  Klemensen, Gary and Sue Svehla, James Bama and Bobby 'Boris' Pickett, Paul and  Jackie Blaisdell, Joe Dante, Don Glut, Jack Davis, German Robles and Frank  Frazetta; Bernie Wrightson, Ben Chapman, Cortlandt Hull and Dennis Vincent, Ed  'Big Daddy' Roth, Archie Goodwin and Ghoulardi.Ken Kelly, Jim and Marian  Clatterbaugh, Bob Wilkins, Calvin Beck, Paul Naschy, Lux Interior, Bob Lemon and  Ray Meyers, Bill Warren, Dennis Druktenis, Sammy Terry and Frederick S. Clarke;  Tim and Donna Lucas, William Stout, Ron Borst, George A. Romero, Tom Weaver and  Verne Langdon. Last year: Julie Adams, David Skal, George Stover, Michael Stein,  Morgus, Mark Frank. 
Who should join them? 
Tell us your suggestions. We'll pick six more.

This is your chance to vote for (as a write-in, of course) Haruo Nakajima.    To vote, go here and follow the directions.

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