Christopher Nolan Taking Over Justice League, And Bringing Bale Back As Batman?

From Cinema Blend

We've gotten really worried about the Justice League movie lately, with news that Warner Bros. had thrown out Will Beall's script for the film, and a lot of us worried the movie-- like George Miller's attempt years ago-- would fall apart entirely. But of course, Justice League carries enormous potential for the studio, their version of the massively successful The Avengers, and they're not going to give up that fast. Especially if they've got an ace up their sleeve to make it happen with aplomb.

Who's that ace? Christopher Nolan, of course. No, he hasn't been involved in any Justice League plans so far, stating over and over that his role as producer on this summer's Superman effort Man of Steel will be his last effort in superhero stories, and he's completely done with Batman. But according to Latino Review, the scrapping of Will Beall's script is a sign that has changed… and "Chris Nolan has completely taken over the DC Universe at Warner Bros."


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